Unless your development is an 'exempt development' you will need to apply for planning permission with the Dublin City Council.

It is required when you want to:

  • Make changes to an existing property or building e.g. housing extension, dormer attic.
  • Build a new property.
  • Change the way a property is used.
  • Modify your driveway to expand parking.

At John Flynn Architecture we complete the required administrative duties when seeking planning permission. From designing and drawing the proposed developments to creating the required newspaper ads and site signage.

We handle the process from start to finish, maintaining contact with Dublin City Council to ensure your application becomes approved. 

We would advise, if you are thinking of submitting your own planning permission application, to give us a call so we can talk you through the process and make sure your application contains the required information to avoid unnecessary resubmissions. 

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If you would like to discuss any problems you may have relating to planning permission or want further advice on the subject feel free to give us a call on Tel:  +35318183203 / +353862907811

Alternatively send us an email:

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