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Kitchen Design Trends for 2016.

Kitchen Design is a topic of great interest to many a home-owner and we can understand why. The Kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, the Grand Central Station if you will. It’s where families spend most of their time. Children finish their homework at the kitchen table, Mothers and Fathers preparing evening meals, guests gathering around drinks and finger foods.

With the Kitchen being considered one of the most important rooms of a home and one which we at John Flynn Architecture frequently renovate and redesign we felt it important to share some upcoming kitchen design trends of 2016 to keep all you Ramseys and Nigellas satisfied.

  • Metal Range Hoods

Following on from last years fascination with all things metallic finishing, we can expect to see metal taking a more prominent position in our kitchens in 2016. Moving from our handles and our sinks. metal can now be found on hoods. Metal hoods add a strong contrast to your finished kitchen. Ranging from brass, steel, copper and zinc with a variety of finished textures, a metal range hood is sure to stand out as a statement piece in your kitchen and if included with metallic finishes in a kitchen can create a truly unique design.

Annandale, VA Kitchen
  • Rose Gold

We’ve seen it take the jewellery industry by storm, if your daughter is fond of Michael Kors I’m sure you’ve come across a rose gold bracelet or ring. But rose gold is now moving into our homes. Not only in our bedrooms and sitting rooms but now into our kitchens. Whether it be kitchen appliances or kitchen finishes, rose gold is an increasingly popular trend for 2016

  • The New Traditional

Ideal for those moving into a slightly older home or for those that want to add a bit of a modern touch to their traditional style kitchen, the idea of breathing new life into a traditional setting is one we’re going to see a lot of in 2016. Whereas previously home owners and designers would encourage the truly traditional aspects of design now we’re going to be seeing a lot more calculated design choices with more focus on modern detailing and sharper lines.

  • Texture, texture.

Adding texture into your kitchen is a good way to add depth. Whether it be textured laminates along your kitchen cabinets or even textured tiles. Adding timber stools or a natural grain bench top is another method of welcoming texture into your kitchen. Textured laminates are an easy way to welcome this trend into your home.

  • Porcelain Countertops

The porcelain countertop is made from a high-density ceramic that is highly durable and resistant to stains and scratches. Coming in a variety of colours and thickness this material is set to become big in 2016 and not only for your countertop! Expect to see splashbacks, drawers and maybe even doors!

  • Off white

The white kitchen will always remain a staple look, with its clean finish and ability to merge with any colour thrown its way. But now expect white kitchens to migrate into more off-white palettes. An off-white kitchen will be perfect for those looking for a new kitchen design but not wanting to veer far from their beloved white theme.

  • Back to black

The all black kitchen is set to make a strong appearance in 2016. While some may fear the Adams family vibe, embracing other subtle trends of 2016 such as rose gold appliances or chrome finishes can create warmth and make the black kitchen a thing of beauty. Scared to embrace all black? How about black tiling running beneath the cabinets?

  • Metal madness

While metallic isn’t something new to the world of kitchen design, 2016 is set to see a movement from cold to warm with emphasis on coppers, brass and golds.

  • Smarter Kitchens

With the ever evolving digital landscape and people expecting more bang for their buck, the kitchens of 2016 will be no exception. Imaginative storage ideas and creative shelving will allow even the smallest kitchens to accommodate.

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